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Love note from clients...

"I met Tiffany through a mutual friend and found out that she was a photographer. Her style matched mine perfectly and before I even got pregnant I knew that I wanted her to be my family photographer. She photographed my maternity, my daughters newborn pictures and just recently her 6 month pictures. My daughter is going through the “stranger phase” and 5 minutes after Tiffany was here she had her smiling and laughing.
Every single picture Tiffany has taken I have absolutely loved! She edits beautifully and you can tell that she loves her job and it shows through in all her pictures. I have and would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone that is looking for a photographer, they would not be disappointed. I look forward to working with Tiffany for many more years to come."  




"Tiffany is our family photographer and has bestowed upon us some of the most beautiful and cherished photographs of our little family! It is a rare gift when you are able to evoke emotion from an individual with a single snap-shot and she's got it!

Tiffany makes you so comfortable in front of the camera and you have so much fun in the process. And, watching her work with my girls? Amazing! I could try for days and not get them to cooperate as they did for her.

The only thing I regret is not knowing her earlier and having her photograph our wedding and so many other moments I cannot ever get back. We are blessed to have her documenting our moments and so very blessed to call her a friend as well!"

~ Ingrid

"I have hired Tiffany for two photo sessions, an engagement shoot and for my wedding, and could not have been happier with both of them. Before the photo shoot even happens she likes to talk with you about the vision you have and will give great ideas to make your vision a reality. While shooting with big groups she is cracking jokes to keep everyone focused on having fun and it gets some great real emotion out of people. She let me direct the shoot as much as I wanted to, making sure I got all the group shots that I wanted.

The photos are absolutely amazing! I cannot even pick a favorite from my wedding pictures because there are about a hundred that I absolutely love. This means that my walls are currently covered in my wedding photos. She caught the joy, love, and tearful moments of our wedding so perfectly. Whenever I look at the photos, I am immediately filled with the emotions she caught in each shot. I will continue book Tiffany for any photos of my family I need for as long as she is in business. She even made my English Bulldog look stunning, now that deserves a reward."

~ Michelle

"We haven't made family photos a priority in the past. I always pushed them off as too expensive, my kids are too wild, I need to lose ten pounds. All those excuses that we all, especially Moms, make all the time. When I found Tiffany online in a Mom's group, a year an a half ago, I knew we needed to give it a shot. She was offering mini sessions and we gave it a go. All my fears came to light… the rains came, my kids fell asleep in the car, my preschooler wouldn't wear the clothes I picked out, all of it. I was a wreck on the drive there! But then Tiffany walked out (SUPER pregnant!) and won our whole, sleepy, family over. The girls grinned, we kissed, and she let us meander and get our girls used to the surroundings. The photos were perfect. So, flash forward a year, and Tiffany is now a family friend and we were ready to do a full session. The girls light up around her as she made hilarious jokes, danced like a fool, and even won smiles from my camera shy husband. The photos were magic. They spoke to building a relationship with a photographer. They illustrated our family dynamic. And were a perfect gift to the Grandparents this Christmas. Tears sprung to eyes, photo shelves got quickly rearranged and the chorus of "these are just SO … them!" we're un ending. In our town its easy to find a 'good enough' photographer. One who takes a million photos, edits thoroughly, and gives you a saturated image of your cute kids sitting in a perfect pintrest pose. What is not easy to find is someone who glows with joy and passion for her work and is willing to let your children be themselves while she waits them out and grasps that perfect shot. The one where there eyes bright and laughing, their smile wide and easy, and where you look at it and say "yes. That's my baby." Tiffany is a true talent and gift."


"We absolutely love working with Tiffany and wouldn't consider working with anyone else. She has a way of bringing out the genuine smiles in both my husband and my baby. The photo session doesn't feel painful but feels like a comedy show/fun few hours.

Tiffany is able to capture moments in our life that other photographers can't do and we will treasure these memories for years and years to come! I highly recommend Tiffany to anyone thinking of making their photo session a memorable one and would like the highest quality photos to enjoy forever!"

~ Staci

"Tiffany Burke captured a moment in time for us. The memories are priceless. We have three small children and she made them all laugh! She even made my husband laugh and feel right at home. We are so thankful for her professionalism as well as personal touch.

She captured each of my children and their personalities perfectly. I wasn't sure how we were going to pull together a photo shoot with a 4, 2, and 6 month old, and they turned out beautiful! As a mother she understands children and what makes them laugh and more importantly cooperate! Thank you Tiffany for your great work, you have an eye for beautiful photography!!"


~ Erin

"We have been using Tiffany for the last 5 years. I believe we were one of her first clients when she started her business. The main reason we keep using Tiffany, and refer her to anyone looking for a photographer, is because she really is the best around. Tiffany is patient. She has done my newborn photos and will sit still waiting, waiting, waiting, for the baby to crack a smile for a a split second and capture it. She will hang out while you nurse and change the baby's diaper and will never make you feel like you are running out of time or wasting her time.

She has photographed me pregnant. When I have felt so fat and exhausted. Truly my maternity pictures are breathtaking. Tiffany has captured one of the most amazing periods of my life and made me look beautiful and glowing. She captured the connection between myself and my baby still in my belly. Now that I'm done having babies, I look back on those pictures often and I'm so happy I did them. Every Fall, Tiffany does our family pictures and it seriously is so fun! She makes fart noises to make my kids laugh and it even makes my husband and I laugh. All of our family and friends rave over our family pictures and I wish I could take the credit that my kids were sitting still, looking at the camera, with the biggest smiles on their faces but it is all Tiffany. She is beyond talented. She has creative eye and the best personality. Her work says it all! We will use her for all our life millstones! "


"We can't begin to describe how talented Tiffany is. Having seen her work over the years we knew that we wanted her to take the newborn photos of our daughter, but we swore we didn't care about birth photos. Tiffany convinced us that we wouldn't be sorry if we let her take them...her passion for photography makes her pretty convincing. We agreed, knowing that if we were to have anyone shoot our birth photos, she was for sure the only one we could trust with the task of capturing the important moments of the day our daughter is born. We could not have been more right and so was she...after reluctantly deciding on birth photos, we can't imagine not having the pictures of the amazingly priceless split second moments that Tiffany was able to capture. She was calm, detailed, completely in control and made us feel extremely comfortable while photographing this very private experience.


Tiffany has a unique creative flair that you truly can't put a price on and of course she is so much fun! Our pictures (from all the photo shoots she has done with us) are something that we will treasure forever."


~ Lindsay and Todd

"Tiffany Burke is a photography goddess! Tiffany has been my photographer for multiple occasions (engagement, wedding, moving announcement, etc) and I can't wait to have more sessions with her in the future! I will continue to return to Tiffany as my photographer because she can capture those raw, unexpected moments that, ultimately, become the memories we cherish the most.
Tiffany's bubbly, outgoing personality is infectious and it is impossible to feel camera-shy. She has this superhero ability to make you feel so incredibly comfortable that you nearly forget you're taking photos, it's more like you're just hanging out, laughing with a friend that you've known for your entire life. My husband and I highly recommend Tiffany Burke as your photographer, you won't be disappointed!"

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